genio Serum Kit


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Perfect match to boost your skin

Your skin wants to be healthy! To breathe and glow. Check out these 2 products. Ten minutes every second day is all it takes to get healthy, youthful-looking skin!


Serum no.1

The serum no.1 was developed based on the latest findings in relation to skin preservation, skin aging and skin renewal.

It is specially created to interact with the genio-SMART XS device.

It consists of hyaluronic acid molecules of different sizes, which, with the support of physical forces, manage to penetrate the relevant deeper layers of the skin and replenish the moisture reservoir. It is the ultimate moisture store and supports the skin directly up from the first treatment.

Glycerone restores or maintains the elasticity and softness of the skin as a preventive measure.

Furthermore, it protects the skin from water loss and thus sustainably supports the hyaluronic effect.

Elaself supports the development of the elastic fibres in the skin. It promotes collagen production and counteracts the effects of sunlight and skin aging.

Tripleurospermum Maritimum Extract works against melanin formation and prevents the development of age spots or lightens them again.

Boerhavia diffusa root extract Has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.


All active ingredients are coordinated in such a way that they perfectly support the optimal supply of the skin with nutrients, cell renewal and collagen regeneration. In combination with the physical effects of the SMART XS, the best thing you can do for your skin.


AQUA di cara

The facial tonic was specially developed to optimally support the effect of the genio serums. Ultrasound needs a water solution to work. The moisture the base, the better the ultrasound works.


This is perfectly implemented with the AQUA di cara.


The basis is a special water from Iceland “ICEIS”. ICEIS water contains a natural and high oxygen content. This increases oxygen uptake in the blood and helps absorb more nutrients. It is also rich in natural minerals such as TDS, calcium, magnesium, and sodium.

The water is enriched with vitamins such as B1, B3, B6, provitamin B6, C.

Acmella Oleracea Extract is derived from a plant called Acmella Oleracea. It helps relieve muscle tension and reduces facial lines caused by strained or contracted facial muscles.

In combination with the genio serums and the SMART X devices, there is no better therapy for your skin.



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